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 1st End of Season. EFI Bullet report

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Lou Hela

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Join date : 22.05.2012
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ViestiAihe: 1st End of Season. EFI Bullet report   Pe Loka 12, 2012 10:07 pm

Today EFI Bullet 2012 went into hibernation.

I clocked 6500k on it since May 18th. It never broke, but it was far from worry-free riding.
The electrics are pretty poorly-wired and the last 2 months have been terrible starts on cold, damp mornings even with a 10-minute warm-up.
Paintwork is poor, as is the chrome. It's not been garaged, but had a cover on it every night. There's young rust to be seen at pretty much every point where a screw meets a nut. The paint is flaking badly around the fuel cap.
The speedometer leaves much to be desired, but as Ville told me: "An Enfield speedometer just tells you you're moving!" Right there.
The chain has stretched more than my favourite pair of 10-year-old underpants.

To be honest, I would sell it come April, but I can't afford - and probably won't be able to find - a used Kawasaki W650 for 2000e more than the Bullet is woth.

Am I disappointed I bought it? No way. I've had more fun this year than I've had since I was 21. The open Finnish B-roads have been a joy to ride at every opportunity. 60km/h down almost every country lane in beautiful Uusimaa and beyond with my faithful pillion passenger Susan.. The Enfield Owner's Rally, meeting such great guys. These are the things we cannot put money on, my friends. Next year we plan to ride to the South of France.

Wishing you all a great autumn

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ViestiAihe: Yeah and right   La Loka 13, 2012 7:29 am

Hi Matt,

you got the point. There are far more better made bikes that are bore to ride. Our machines are not so well done and they can leave us standing beside the road but that is what brothers are for, to help you back on the rroad again :-)

Chrome and steel rusts but brotherhood stays forever.

Libertas et fraternitas in aetemum.

I have to get "Republican Enfield" stickers for your bike :-)

Take care and Hi to Susan :-)

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Join date : 21.04.2012
Paikkakunta : Helsinki

ViestiAihe: Vs: 1st End of Season. EFI Bullet report   Ma Loka 15, 2012 7:37 pm

Hi Matt

Its a pity that your EFI Bullet was technically a disappointment. My own is 2010 EFI Classic, 18 500 kms clocked and no problems.

It is true that original chain is stretchy, so I bought a new better quality chain last summer, when I changed the front sprocket to 19 teeth. Now I have driven 6500 kms with this new chain and there is no stretch. And this new sprocket made wonders for the bike. Now 4th gear is super when driving country lanes 60-80 kmh.

No problems with the electrics, too. I assembled Dynojet two weeks ago and all wiring seems to be in good condition after two years, and I found no faults in materials or technical solutions.

Paint has worn from the framework back , because my leather saddlebags fit not very well and can move when riding. I think it is my own fault, should have made extra frames for them. No big problems with chrome and fuel tank paint. Some rust in silencer fastening bracket and on some screws. This was cured when I started to spray CRC on them after washing and rain.

Speedometer counts about 10% extra. Maybe because they use 19" wheels in India?

Driving those B-roads during Finnish summer is a joy. But now when I have seen them, a longer trip would be interesting. Could you tell more of your plans to drive to southern France? I have a dream to drive to Malaga using small European sideroads. Next autumn, maybe?

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Lou Hela

Viestien lukumäärä : 27
Join date : 22.05.2012
Paikkakunta : Vantaa

ViestiAihe: Vs: 1st End of Season. EFI Bullet report   Pe Loka 19, 2012 7:02 pm

Hey guys

Thanks for the great replies.

Kaitsu. Yeah. You're right. Actually, I won't sell this damn thing. A 500 single, stuff of my childhood. My dad. Etc.. Funny, really. He raced a Manx and a Gold Star and HATED British bikes!

Jyrkki. We're planning to set off in May and head south. I have to be back at work in August/September, so autumn would be too late for us.
Have I seen your bike at Guy's in Vantaa? The Greenie?
We really should get together next year. Let's stay in touch. I'm planning to go to Kaitsu's Christmas Bash in the car, so, wanna come along?
My email is rayner . matt at gmail . com Drop me a line ;-)
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ViestiAihe: Vs: 1st End of Season. EFI Bullet report   

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1st End of Season. EFI Bullet report
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