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 REOC Finnish Branch annual report 2010

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ViestiAihe: REOC Finnish Branch annual report 2010   Pe Joulu 31, 2010 2:32 am

Our branch was established about an year ago. Since then we have had plenty activities what comes to our interest, to ride or restore bikes. First meeting had 7 out of 9 members at that moment and it was held at member officers house. Since then the amount of members have doubled and hopefully growth will stay. Most members are from southwest, but there are also some from the north also. We agreed that if someone joins REOC, he is automatically in branch too and in the mailing list.

Past year saw some great moments concerning our visibility in media. Our member officer was interwieved in local newspaper, we got our discussion forum to Internet and there was some 30 Royal Enfields in exhibition at national VMCC rally in Ikaalinen at August. First common project was own calendar which was released in the beginning of January. It was made in hurry, 30 pieces and then sold to members with lower price than to others. This year’s issue was 50 and has already sold out two weeks after release. It has some pictures from our international friends and this time the jury decided to pick up pictures that had somekind merit what comes to artistic values. Not just bikes standing alone but with something that shows character.

In Finland winters are dark and cold, therefore we have time to prepare for next driving season for couple of months. Last winter had some reproduction projects: valve lifters for G or J models, engine plates and some other parts laser cut. This winter we try to arrange pillion footrests for those models and other parts, like magdyno straps that are hard to find.

Last summer was quite good what comes to rallies. A HD seller had noise pollution metering because we made a proposal. Law changed year ago and gave strict limits that you can’t exceed what comes to exhaust noise. June had Britush Rally at Wasa and some of us attended. Pasi Mäkiranta, our member officer, has model KX 1937 but had engine problems and came with another Royal Enfield. I myself blew piston and had to drive Triumph instead, what a shame! In mid July Bullets MCC Eastern Chapter had King’s Road rally, tenth time and first as two days happening. There were good sample from our club and we decided that we’ll arrange that rally alternate years. Bullets MCC has it’s origins in Sweden and has about sixty members in the address list. They maintain that for contacts and help, as Finland is a small country with big distances and you can’t say when you need spares on the road or other help to get bike back on the road. They don’t have any other meetings during year or other activity. Anyone interested in royal Enfields can join with no fee and you are member if you join mailinglist. There has been quiet since that Internet forum was put up. It is actually open forum and we have own topic there and another one to our friends from abroad. URL is August had that VMCC rally, some of us attending with bikes at the exhibition which was actually arranged by our member officer and got compliments. September and rest of the year was quieter. November we had our annual meeting which elected former board to the next year with one exception. We didn’t have a treasurer, but Ville Hytönen is now a one. He arranged first calendars and present ones too, so he was natural choice. At the time I’m writing this, Ville is somewhere in Nepal riding a Bullet. He took a longer vacation for fulfill the eager to drive at Himalayas. We also chose the member of the year and because of our member officer got this all rolling, we chose him. He has the trophy for this year and it will pass along in next annual gathering.

2011 King’s Road rally is 16. - 17.7. and from Piikkiö to Nokia, 120 miles small lanes. This rally has always been a small one. 20 to 30 bikes, so it has been easy to arrange accommodation. Our member officer has promised to arrange tents, stoves and stuff, so we can camp on his lawn. If someone needs more comfortable place to sleep, there is a camping nearby and a spa too in three or four miles. If someone of our foreign friends wants to come over, we’ll help with arrangements and accommodate if possible.

At this moment there is two feet snow on the ground and five degrees Fahrenheit outside, but in March days are way much longer and snow starts to melt. It is the time that bears wake up and enfielders push bikes out of sheds. Before that has many things to be done, many bolts turned and parts books read. Until that I just try to keep the spirit whem my hands are in old engine oil and dirt and the biking is not so glorious at all.

Regards to all and safe rides for next season.

Kaj, REOC Finnish Branch chairman 2011
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REOC Finnish Branch annual report 2010
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