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 Looking to purchase a new enfield bullet in finland

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ViestiAihe: Looking to purchase a new enfield bullet in finland   To Toukokuu 27, 2010 10:38 pm


I am from India currently residing in Finland. I am a big fan of the Enfield Bullet since my childhood. Now i have decided to buy one in Finland, can anyone point out the services for the bike in case i need to get it repaired etc.

Also, i have an Indian driving licence how do i obtain a Finnish licence for motorbikes.

Hoping for some replies to help me

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ViestiAihe: Services and stuff   To Toukokuu 27, 2010 10:50 pm

Hello Kurt,

if you need help with your bike, just tell where you live and probably you find the help here. There are many of us in different places and at least I'm willing to help if needed.

EDIT: Locals also know who is decent priced and trustworthy to do the job if you can't DIY...

At you find Finnish importer that has usually those parts you need to replace worn ones. They also sell new bikes.

There is a time limit for purchasing Finnish drivers licence. You have to drive some time with your licence and then you can apply for Finnish one. If you are allowed to drive bike in India you'll have a permit to drive here too. If not, you have to take lessons and the test for the licence. Test is in English too, so you don't have to speak Finnish at all. My cousin's husband took test for truck licence and said that it wasn't hard at all.

EDIT 2: He is from Australia and doesn't speak Finnish. Only few phrases to cope with ordering in restaurant and paying goods in a market.

Regards, Kaj
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Looking to purchase a new enfield bullet in finland
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